Which credit card is best for me?

credit card

There are many different credit card types and different providers. Depending on your needs, finding the right card for you can be a bit of a jungle. The benefits of using credit cards as a means of payment can be read more about here, but in short you are better protected by e-commerce and card fraud. You can also get customer benefits, such as free insurance and rebates as customer benefits. Mastercard and Visa are the largest credit card providers in Norway, but there are differences in the benefits you receive, depending on which partners Mastercard and Visa offer the cards with.


Age matters

Age matters

You must be at least 18 years of age to receive one credit card, but some cards have a higher age limit. At 20, you get access to the majority of cards, and over 25 are free.


What Benefits Can I Get With Credit Cards?

credit cards

If you go outside Norway on holiday and use credit cards, it is worthwhile to check if your credit card has free travel insurance. This usually requires that you pay at least 50% of the cost of your credit card journey. Then you usually get both travel insurance and cancellation insurance right away. If you love shopping for clothes, some credit cards give a discount on purchases in both physical stores and online stores of between 1 and 4% of the purchase price. Many cards also give a discount on fuel for the car, or to certain gas stations. You can also get discounts on groceries, books and electronics, car rental, restaurant visits and hotel accommodation. Some cards allow you to choose your category for your discount, either monthly or per year.


How do I find the right card?

credit card

Apply for credit cards with multiple providers and check terms and benefits. This way you can get the card that suits you best and has the customer benefits you need. Prices, terms and fees can be found in the terms and conditions of the card company online, or upon request. It is free to apply for a credit card, and you do not have to say yes to any offers other than what suits you. You can read more about interest rates and fees here, so you can see which card is the cheapest.

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