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 I have some problems with debt, and I do not want to fall into the debt loop, which is why I save all the savings I earn in the current installments. I don’t know how long I will last … Is there any consolidation offers for people like me (i.e. on the border of solvency)?

Person in debt who wants to consolidate 

Person in debt who wants to consolidate 

It is obvious that a person in debt who wants to consolidate will not be able to count on any super preferential conditions … okay, but are there any other options? The only consolidation gives you the opportunity to extend your repayment date so long that the monthly installment is as low as possible so that you can repay freely.

Indeed, the indebted does not have much room for maneuver. Indebted is not some of the most dreamed customers, from the point of view of payday companies because it is a relatively high risk. In extreme situations, it must take into account the refusal to grant consolidation, because if it is obvious that there is nothing to pay off, then consolidation will be thrown away. 

Several loan companies


I already knew several loan companies and I think I will have to take out a mortgage and zombie is probably at Bank Millenium which has quite bearable conditions. The downside is that it will be a loan against a typical mortgage, so it will require some iron financial discipline.

You probably thought it over and analyzed it. Mortgages, despite the fact that they involve risk, are considered the cheapest. Can a person in debt afford money? You do not need to answer this question. What is bad in my opinion in Polish law is that when you take out a mortgage and you stop paying off the installments, the mortgage is often much larger than the value of the apartment.

It is often the case that it reaches even 200% of the real value of the apartment. In some countries of Western Europe, you simply lose your flat and you have a blank card – and we don’t … Yes, it increases the responsibility of banks, but banks should be responsible institutions. Incurring new debt to pay back old debt – it can’t work. 

I subscribe to this … you need to have a really good credit standing for this maneuver to succeed. You also need a good, steady source of income.

Consolidation loan


A consolidation loan is a last resort, not a first choice option. To appeal, to use common sense – of course, you can, but what effect it will have is another matter entirely. 

It’s probably better to catch from someone in the family – of course, if someone only has the opportunity. Reply Add an answer Description: Signature: E-mail: Add a new answer Thank you! Your response has been added and is awaiting approval by a moderator. 

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