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    1. Baoding Tongli Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.

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      Safety Belt & Harness

      Lineman Full Body Safety Harness AS-10


               The full body harness is the body support primarily for fall arresr purpose and also a component of a fall arrest system.It is suitably arranged and assembled to support the whole body of a person and to restrain the wearer during a fall and after the arrest of a fall.It's a  security tools used for lineman and telecommunications workers work high above the ground,also applied to construction,industrial,machinery installation and so on.

      Lineman Full Body Safety  Harness
      1. Style & color for choice
      2. Hardware : forged steel
      3. Material:  Polyester
      4. One dorsal attachment point
      5. With PE dorsal gasket
      6. Meet CE EN361
      7.All kinds of hooks for choice


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