Armed Forces Loans, What Are They? What conventions are there?

Loans in agreement for the armed forces are decidedly advantageous financing solutions that can be requested by all those who work in this field, such as for example employees of the Italian army or the Carabinieri.

The great advantage of the armed forces loans is that they usually allow for particularly advantageous interest rates so that you can get better loans than other solutions. This is possible thanks to special agreements signed directly by the state, with certain financial companies or banks, to meet the economic needs of military personnel in general.

The agreement is usually made with the financial company specifically to give those who work in one of the 4 bodies of the armed forces the right financing, at very advantageous conditions. From a financing point of view, tenured carabinieri, even if newly hired, can meet their economic needs simply by requesting loans in agreement with a specific financial company or bank, to buy what they need, by repaying the sum obtained loan easily in installments.

The peculiarity of this loan is that there is no need to have a length of service, therefore new recruits can also request it, provided they are tenured.

Loans for employees of the Air Force

The Aeronautica Militare, whose origins date back to 1887 – 1888, is the Italian military corps assigned to air operations. Banks and financial companies allow you to take out very advantageous and facilitated loans for the employees of this body of armed forces, thanks to the special loans.

How can I apply for loans for the armed forces?

How can I apply for loans for the armed forces?

Loans for the armed forces can be applied in a very simple way through an application made at the financial company or bank of your choice. Among the various options are the Good Finance armed forces loans.

What documents are needed and do I have to present?

Here is a list of documents that usually need to be delivered. Of course, for greater security always ask the finance company or the bank, so that you know even if they need something more.

  • copy of identity card or passport
  • copy of the tax code
  • copy of the last two payslips
  • copy of a document certifying the service status, which can be requested directly from the barracks for which you work

What type of loan can I get? How do I repay the installments?

When it comes to loans for employees of the armed forces it is usually possible to obtain financing with the formula of the assignment of a fifth of the salary. This means that the repayment of the monthly installment is done directly with a deduction from your net paycheck. The maximum amount that can be repaid month after month is 20% (hence the name “transfer of the fifth of the salary”).

I am a bad payer or protested, can I still apply for loans for employees of the armed forces?

Usually yes, there are no problems. The financials and banks do not refuse loans for employees of the armed forces (Carabinieri, Air Force, Navy or Army) only because there have been misunderstandings in the past. Exactly as it already happens also for other categories of employees, in particular for public sector employees, the transfer of the fifth for bad payers is a feasible and valuable option. Of course, always remember that the last word is up to the lender.

I’m about to retire, what do I do with the loan still on?


From the moment you reach the well-deserved pension, if you still have dependent loans to finish repaying, don’t worry, since they will automatically be converted into retired loans, to be repaid always with the classic method of assigning the fifth ( we also invite you to find out the fifth installment calculation and to find out how to evaluate a personal loan ).

Remember that to find the best and most convenient solution for your needs, you can easily request different loan quotes so that you can evaluate them and make the best choice.

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